About us

OÜ Jonex Transport was founded in 1995 when we started to offer transport services from Estonia into Europe with just two men and one truck.

We have gradually grown from year to year.

The year 2011 was a breaking point when we established our logistics and repair centre in Paikuse in the vicinity of Pärnu, by that time our vehicle park included nine vehicles.

In 2016, Jonex Transport employs already 30 people and is a reliable cooperation partner for a large customer basis.

Our principal area of activity is transportation, cargo routes between Estonia and Central Europe.

There are more than 20 vehicles in our vehicle park and most of the vehicles are less than three years old and comply with the Euro5 or Euro6 pollution norms.

With the help of the logistics centre we are able to assist our customers with warehouse service and distribution.

In addition, we engage in the repair and maintenance of vehicles and trailers and the reconstruction of trailers.

JONEX TRANSPORT OÜ | Telefon: +372 44 37 211 | info[at]jonex.ee